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Audio and video:

Tools to complement our speech.

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The sound is a very important factor in any presentation, it is heavily conditioned by the place, if the place is small and there are few attendees, the speaker will not require a sound system to project his/her voice, it will suffice to raise the volume of the voice.

If the venue is large and the number of attendees is high, it is advisable to install a sound system, the number of cornets and the sound power most by considered by the one who plans the event.

If the sound is too low, it prevents the message from being transmitted properly, forcing the listeners to raise their level of concentration and at the same time rising the risk of being distracted with ease. But, if the sound is too loud, it causes a disturbing and exhausting effect on the audience, whether the sound is too low or too high it does not allow you to enjoy the event, so it is very important to achieve the perfect balance for it.

The key to a good sound system is the «sound test», before the event you must install and test the equipment, two or three times, this allows the start to be at the scheduled time, respecting the time of all the attendees, and avoiding setbacks and interruptions.

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Thanks to technological advances, we can enrich our speeches with audiovisual resources, whether they are static images or videos.

You can plan to add effects for the presentation, for example:

  • Music before, during and after the event.
  • Short videos to reinforce the content of the speech.
  • Videos to analyze with the audience.
  • Project a video with a speech of a guest, this allows to include national or international speakers.
  • If the venue is large, and the distance between the speaker and listeners is enough, you can install video cameras and project the speaker, so that it is visible to the entire audience.

It is important to determine in advance what types of resources we need, and if they are appropriated for the space and the number of attendees.

As with the audio, the success of the use of videos and slide show projections will depend on the previous preparation, taking into account the following factors:

  • The presentation of the speech (powerpoint or similar) should be prepared in advance, the speaker must practice previously and verify the usefulness of it. Also, the speaker must ensure that the sheets are not overloaded, they must be a guide to the storyline and should not indicate word by word what the speaker will say.
  • The conditions of the space, remember that the projection equipment does not adapt to all the places. If the place is too illuminated even with a really powerful projector, you have the risk that nothing could be visualized. In such a case, perhaps a large television or a giant screen is the solution.
  • The sound system, if the presentation is static it will not require a sound system connected to the computer, but if the presentation includes videos or audios to complement the speech, it must be verified that the connections to the sound system functions correctly.
  • The installation and testing of audiovisual equipment and the sound system must be done at least two hours before the start time of the event, if it is an event where many people are expected and the place is delivered the day before, that day all equipment must be installed and tested.

Do you prepare in advance the images, audios and videos of your presentations?

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