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Speech planning:

In the last post, we mentioned that the first error in oratory is the lack of preparation, overconfidence. Some think that they can manage to transmit their speech without the need of previous preparation, but what exactly does this previous preparation mean?

Not only is it enough to be aware of all the details of the event and the resources you need for setting up your speech, but the previous preparation also begins with many important steps, the development of the theme, the organization of ideas. Without these steps everything else it would not make sense.

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Before you start you should consider the objectives of your speech and the time spawn you want to dictate it. The objectives will determine what information to include and what strategy to use, while the time limit gives you an idea about how much information to give and what strategy would be appropriate according to the chosen time spawn.

Objectives Topics Strategy Resources Time
Objetive 1 Topic 1 v 1 Resources X minutes
Objetive 1 SubtTopic 1 Strategy 2 Resources X minutes
Objetive 2 Topic 2 Strategy 3 Resources X minutes
Objetive 2 SubTopic 2 Strategy 4 Resources X minutes
Objetive 3 Topic 3 Strategy 5 Resources X minutes
Objetive 3 SubtTopic 3 Strategy 6 Resources X minutes
  • The objectives should be written in the infinitive, and you should choose very well what verb to use. The verb should clearly indicate the action you want to perform. In addition to each objective’s name, you should include the purpose of it, this purpose will allow the selection of the strategy to use.
  • The themes and sub-themes will arise from the objectives since the content is inherent to them.
  • The strategies are the different techniques or methods that we can use during the speech, these can be static or dynamic, with or without the participation of the public. It must be verified that the selected strategy achieves the purpose of the stated objective.
  • Under the «resources» label, you should describe everything necessary to develop the selected strategies.
  • Each objective must be assigned a corresponding time, this will allow better control and adequate distribution of time to meet each of the objectives.

This type of planning applied to the development of speeches is the most complex of all the methods to outline the ideas, the only disadvantage is that it takes some time to elaborate it. But its utility lies in the multiple advantages i.e. it is detailed, it relates everything, each step is analyzed, allows multiple options to adapt it to different circumstances, it also allows to evaluate the result to improve the next presentation.

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Forma de bosquejar las ideas



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The scheme allows you to break down the main ideas, each main idea can be subdivided into secondary ideas, how many you need to add to complete the information.

Mind Mapping

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Mind Mapping map allows to break down the ideas into images and symbols


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Include the content of the speech fully, word by word, or partially indicating extracts of the ideas that the lecturer will use.

And you, how do you set up your speech?

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